Przemysław Decewicz

I am a bioinformatician dealing with research in the field of genomics and metagenomics of bacteria and bacteriophages and developing bioinformatics tools that increase the effectiveness of monitoring the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance in the environment, identification of (pro)phages in (meta)genomic data and accuracy of their annotations. I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Bioinformatics and Systems Biology (2014) and a Master’s in Biotechnology (2016). In 2020, I defended my doctoral thesis on the discipline of biological sciences at the University of Warsaw. I am a senior researcher in the Department of Environmental Microbiology and Biotechnology at the University of Warsaw.

As a laureate of the Stefan Batory Program, I received a Mieczysław Bekker National Agency for Academic Exchange (NAWA) funding for a 12-month stay at FAME. During the trip, I plan to develop a high-throughput tool for semi-automatic identification and annotation of proliferation in bacterial genomes. To this end, he plans to expand previously developed bioinformatics tools and use machine learning techniques for large-scale genomic analysis and exploration of the so-called viral dark matter.