Research Themes

Environmental Microbiomes

At FAME, we are utilising metagenomics and eDNA to uncover the human impacts on environmental microbiomes. This includes a wide variety of environmental projects from the protective viruses within shark mucosa to the impact of mining on waterway microbiomes.

Clinical Microbiomes

Our metagenomics research projects investigate the microbiomes and viromes in diseases like Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) and Cystic Fibrosis (CF). These studies will the genetic diversity of these microbial communities and enable the development of novel treatment strategies such as phage therapy.

Exa-scale metagenomics

Sequencing technology and the volume of publically-available sequencing data is progressing at a staggering rate. This vast ocean of oppurtunity requires equally impressive computing infrastructure to analyse. At FAME, we have partnered with HPC centres across Australia to mine this vast resource to identify novel microbes.

Research Software Engineering

Novel problems require novel solutions. Our projects are at the cutting-edge of metagenomics research and as such, off-the-shelf solutions are rarely available for processing and analysing our unique data. Following best-practices for software development, we have generated a suite of Bioinformatics software which are freely available for all to use.

Collaborate with us!

Do you have a microbiome-related problem? Are you interested in metagenomics but don't know where to start? We are always on the look out for potential collaborators and would love to hear from you!