Collaborate with FAME

The Flinders Accelerator for Microbiome Exploration (FAME) received 16 projects in our first round of grant proposals. These ranged across diverse fields with great potential to positively impact and lead scientific advancements. Areas include marine species conservation, fluid microbiome characterisation in injured spinal cords, plant diversity exploration, applications of environmental samples in forensics, and patient faecal virome analysis. This round of funding supports diverse approaches for discerning genomic material, including whole genome shotgun (WGS) sequencing for both bacterial and viral, metabarcoding metagenomics (16s) (bacterial), and environmental DNA (eDNA).

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A primary objective of FAME is to make cutting-edge metagenomic technologies accessible to the Flinders University community. We are committed to supporting the succession of these projects, and the enhancement of research questions and scientific discoveries beyond their original aims. Therefore, we will assist all aspects of research projects from sample collection, DNA extraction and sequencing, experimental design, to bioinformatics analysis, and manuscript preparation. In addition to technical assistance, supportive funding was provided to address specific requirements.

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