Presentations and posters at ASM 2022


Elizabeth Dinsdale, Microbes and viruses of Chondrichthyes, SLIDES

Michael Doane, Emergent microbiome architecture, SLIDES

Susanna Grigson, Nomads emerge from natural microbial communities, SLIDES

Vijini Mallawaarachchi, Viral bubbles resolve bacteriophage genomes, SLIDES

Michael Roach, Hecatomb: a platform for viral metagenomics, SLIDES


Sarah Giles, Can Bacteriophages and viruses be used as an indicator of recovery for cancer patients?, POSTER

Laura Inglis, Prophage concentrations vary throughtout the human body, POSTER

Emma Kerr, Stingray microbiomes are species specific with local adaptations, POSTER

Bhavya Papudeshi, Informing ecotype development in marine vibrios, POSTER

Evan Pargin, Impact of pH on Gut Microbiome, POSTER

Will Plewa, Evolutionary defences of Bacteroides and how bacteriophages overcome them, POSTER

Amber Skye, Rhincodon typus (whale shark) epidermal microbiomes are stable across size and sex, but vary over days, POSTER