Hecatomb is a pipeline for accurately classifying viral sequences in metagenome samples. The pipeline is the brainchild of Scott Handley and his group at Washington University in St. Louis:

“A hecatomb is a great sacrifice; a great number of people, animals or things, especially as sacrificed or destroyed. In this case we provide a hecatomb of false-positive viral sequences.”

Rob and I have been working with Scott to help finish development of the pipeline and it has recently seen a number of quality of life improvements. The pipeline runs via Snakemake and Conda which greatly streamlines installation, improves scalability and robustness. The pipeline now has scripts for downloading and installing the databases and adding new host genomes. A convenience launcher has also been included to make running these jobs super simple.

For more information please don’t hesitate to email me.

Poster for ASM 2021