Koverage lets you quickly and easily get coverage statistics from a collection of reads and an assembly.

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While there are tools that will calculate read-coverage statistics, they do not scale particularly well for large datasets, large sample numbers, or large reference FASTAs. Koverage is designed to place minimal burden on I/O and RAM to allow for maximum scalability.

Koverage is another pipeline built on the Snaketool framework using Snakemake. It is incredibly easy to install and run and offers several methods for generating coverage statistics to suit your needs. Koverage utilises MetaSnek for parsing fastq reads and is able to correctly identify all paried and single end sequencing files, from either a directory or TSV sample manifest input. Furthermore, it is designed for interoperability with other Snaketool and Snakemake pipelines and has been incorporated into numerous FAME pipelines such as Hecatomb, Spae, and Phables.